[RM]Sniper's Gripes

Last Updated on Wednesday, June 27, 2001 23:22

This page exists as an outlet for my frustration with situations and people beyond my control. Stupidity abounds, and there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

I welcome your gripes, as well.  If your gripe submission is valid, and clean, I will add it to my list.  If you want credit for it, I'll post your name with the gripe.

Grammar Gripes

  1. Have you ever heard anyone tell you that they "got up at 7:00 AM in the morning?"  Have you ever heard of a 7:00 AM in the evening?
  2. Most people don't know how to use the word "None."  They don't realize that None actually means "No One."  This means that saying "None of them were..." is wrong.  The proper way to begin that sentence is "None of them was..."
  3. Sometimes, I hear people try too hard while attempting to speak correct English.  The misuse of the word "I" is widespread.  For example, "Bonnie gave the check to you and I" is incorrect.  We have had the phrase "you and I" drilled into our heads, so we blindly use it in all cases, thinking that it is proper English.  WRONG!  The proper sentence example is: "Bonnie gave the check to you and me."
  4. Many people use the word "Preventive" incorrectly.  Example: "He should take preventative measures for his safety."  This sentence should read: "He should take preventive measures for his safety."  The word is "preventive" without the "...ta..." in the word. --Submitted by Bart Denhalter
  5. Prostate vs. Prostrate... Prostate is a bodily organ.  Prostrate indicates someone lying prone, or with their face to the ground. --Submitted by Bart Denhalter
  6. Everyone always generalizes.

Car/Driving Gripes

  1. Many people don't know how to navigate a four-way stop.  When someone, such as I, tries to follow the law by coming to a complete stop, other drivers see that as yielding, signaling them to proceed without stopping completely.
  2. Some drivers will cut in front of you, then drive below the speed limit.
  3. Although I was once a teen driver, I now believe that they shouldn't be allowed to drive on the road until they are 21 years old, and even that is questionable.
  4. Any vehicle that requires a tug to park shouldn't be allowed on the road.
  5. Fords shouldn't be allowed on the road (see "Why I'll Never Buy Another Ford" for more information).
  6. Car dealerships should be required to sell each and every car at a fixed percentage profit above cost.  There should be no haggling required to purchase a car.
  7. People that honk their horns habitually as they drive by a friend's (or enemy's) house should be prohibited from driving.
  8. Cars containing a sound system worth more than the car itself should be illegal.  Nobody wants to hear jungle drums going through their neighborhood.
  9. Volkswagens should not be allowed on the road.  That's because they're not cars, they're  Volkswagens.
  10. Addendum to #9 - People that drive the new Beetle should be taken out and shot, along with their iMac.


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